Key Benefits

Outstanding weather resistance properties.

As part of the process inachieving a BM Trada Q Mark for the Design, Fabrication and Performance of PVCuWindows and Doors (BS7412), sample windows were independently tested for water tightness, air permeability, wind resistance and hardware endurance. Nessglaze Ltd achieved exceptional results in all areas with structural strength exceeding the most stringent requirements and in a category of its own.

The test report is available to view on - the results of which were:

Air permeability:

Classes range from 1 to 4, with Class 4 being awarded to the most airtight window. Class 2 at 300pa is considered to be the class for a standard window, with anything above this normally specified for exceptionally airtight buildings, such as air conditioned buildings. Nessglaze achieved Class 4 at 600pa - the highest possible rating.

Water tightness:

Classes range from 1A/1B to 9A, with 9A being awarded to the most watertight windows.  Class 3A at 100pa is considered to the the class of a standard window. Nessglaze achieved Class 9A - the highest possible rating.


Wind Load:

Resistance to wind load ranges from Class 1 to Class 5, with Class 4 being categorised as "Severe Weather Exposure" - as requried for the Western Isles. Nessglaze windows were tested to conditions more extreme than a Class 5 and achieved Class AE2400 (2400PA) - in a class of our own.

We believe, given our location and sometimes severe climate, there can be no compromise when it comes to quality and strength of product.  These standards have been strictly followed since the company started manufacturing Windows and doors in 1985.  

The figures that came back from the testing underlines this commitment.  We believe that you can not get a more air tight, water tight or structurally strong uPVC window that the one manufactured by Nessglaze.





Long Term Support

Our products are specifically engineered to withstand the rigours of the Western Isles climate and offer unsurpassed structural strength and protection against high winds and driving ocean rain.

We have been operating in the Western Isles since 1985 and can still service our earliest windows and doors - further prolonging their lifespan.

We attach a great deal of importance to this service and is an attribute that competitors struggle to match.

Attention To Detail
Substantial investment in the latest machinery combined with a long serving and highly skilled workforce, ensures that all windows and doors are custom made to exacting tolerances.

We use the very best raw materials with quality control paramount throughout the manufacturing process. Fixtures and fittings are sourced on the basis of their quality, looks and highest levels of corrosion resistance.

This level of care extends to the fitting of our windows and doors. Our time served joiners take pride in achieving the perfect finish and ensuring customers are fully satisfied.

Energy Efficiency
Nessglaze Ltd comfortably meets all current energy efficiency regulations and are well placed to meet future requirements.

Wide Range of Styles
Whether it be casement windows, tilt and turn windows, residential doors or French Doors; we offer a wide range of styles - all of which are available in White, Rosewood or Golden Oak. Non Standard colours are also available such as Brilliant Blue or Anthracite Grey.

This is complimented by a full range of fascias, soffit, cladding and trims.

Numerous options are also available for decorative glass and doors.

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